Hope. Understanding. Thoughtfulness.

Hope, understanding, thoughtfulness: the foundation of what many of us are seeking to build our lives upon.  When life takes it toll, knowing there is hope and understanding is key to recovering and moving forward with determination and clarity.

In life, we seek to find a purpose for ourselves.  As humans, we have a desire to connect and be in sync with those around us.  When traversing difficult times, hope is sought after so that we can fill the void, take away the pain and find lessons we need to fulfill our inner being.

Relationship and changing the mindset are two key elements to moving forward through life.  Sheridan Counseling Practice, LLC, offers
Cognitive Behavior Therapy as well as a truly client-based relationship to help you discover YOU with understanding and thoughtfulness, providing hope and a path forward.

Beth A Lenz
M.Ed., LPC
Beth A Lenz M.Ed., LPC

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